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  Old Courthouse Building in Bowling Green, KY  

The Commonwealth Compassion Bridge certifies not-for-profits. 

The CCBridge Certification verifies that your organization has completed designated training and acquired the highly valued skills and tools and designations needed to start, grow, build capacity, and sustain a non-profit enterprise.


Once your organization has completed the certification process, you become eligible:

  • to apply for mini-grant awards,

  • for expanded training, and capacity building opportunities,

  • and will be added to the network of Commonwealth Compassion Bridge certified affiliates across the state. 

How to Begin The Certification Process

The Commonwealth Compassion Bridge Certification Process is neither a rigorous nor an expensive process.

To begin the process simply select the Get Certified link below and upon receipt and review of your request one of our team members will contact you directly to discuss the process and how to begin.  We look forward to working with you as your organization takes the next step toward long-term sustainability and impact with the communities and constituents your non-profit serves.

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